The Ontario Election NDP Surging Tories Losing Support – Which Will Win?

The Ontario election NDP surging Tories losing support:In politics things often turn around.And this certainly is the case in Ontario.

The Ontario election NDP surging Tories losing support:

In politics like in sports things can often turn around at the speed of lightning.

And this certainly is the case in Ontario.

With voters going to the polls in nine days the race has the potential to become a photo finish.

Weeks ago it was the Tory leader, Doug Ford, brother of the infamous Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto, who was considered a shoo-in to win.

In public opinion poll after public opinion poll Ford was the front runner by a country mile.

And why was Ford such a front runner to begin with?

First and foremost people want to see change, part of a world-wide trend where politicians are turfed out after having been in power too long.

Such is the case in Ontario where the Liberals have been forming the government since 2003.

On top of that the current premier Kathleen Wynne does not much popular appeal and her government has been plagued by several scandals.

Also the province’s economy is divided into two areas – the have’s and the have not’s.

Toronto and Ottawa are doing well economically whereas places such as Windsor and similar places where manufacturing once ruled the roost no longer are.

So when Ford first came on to the scene he exemplified that yearning for change that voters are looking for.

But then in a series of missteps he did not look that attractive anymore.

And that provided the perfect opening for Andrea Horwath to sprint down the middle and get closer to winning the election.

The NDP and the Tories are now tied in the polls, with Horwath consistently gaining and Ford slipping, a sharp reversal when the Tories were showing double-digit gains.

The Ontario election NDP surging Tories losing support: at the moment the Tories are slated to win but that could change if the NDP maintains its momentum.

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