The Plastic Scourge And Six Ways You Can Turn The Tide On Plastic

Six ways you can turn the tide on plastic: We all use it. And we use it constantly - plastic. It's been called the miracle product.

Six ways you can turn the tide on plastic:

We all use it.

And we use it constantly – plastic.

It’s been called the miracle product.

But 40 per cent of it is only used once.

And now we are are drowning in it.


Today it is something we all use everyday.

It has a lot of useful features.

You can store all sorts of items in it such as:

Leftover food.


Old clothing.

Fresh food such as meat, fish, vegetables.

Simply put – plastic has endless uses.

And, let’s be fair about it – it is quite useful.

It is cheap to produce.


It is a life-saving product.

So no wonder it is so widely used.

But there also is a dark side to plastic.

Did you know?

That 40 per cent of plastic is used once and then thrown away.

At least 18 billion pounds of plastic waste makes its way into the world’s oceans from coastal regions.

Half of the world’s plastic is made in Asia.

And here are some more fast and amazing facts about plastic.

And the impact of plastic on our oceans is devastating.

It is literally choking them.

And most of the plastic that ends up in the oceans comes from Asia.

Most of it is dumped on land or into rivers.

From there the wind carries it into the oceans.

And the biggest problem is that all this plastic will not disintegrate for at least 450 years.

And not only is all that plastic devastating for humans but also for animals.

The plastic minefield is killing animals all over the world and often in the least expected ways.

But something can be done about the plastic scourge by each and every one of us.

Simple. Easy. Here are six ways you can turn the tide on plasticĀ 

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