The Positive Death Movement Coming To Life

Positive Death Movement coming to life:Death always has been a difficult subject to deal with.Most people would rather not talk about.

Positive Death Movement coming to life:

Death always has been a difficult subject to deal with.

Most people would rather not talk about.

Facing the inevitable is not pleasant.

So, for the most part, talking about death is a taboo subject.

But that is mainly true of Western societies.

There are some parts of the world where death is celebrated.

But with the advent of assisted suicide becoming more common there is a subtle and steady change coming about death.

People are becoming more open about it and are more willing to deal with.

There even is a starter kit that one can download that will provide guidance and help on how to deal with end of life situations.

“Nearly a million people have downloaded the starter kit for the Conversation Project, a guide to discussing plans for the end of life. Others use the popular WeCroak app, which sends five daily reminders that we are all going to die. All share a common idea: that Western culture has become too squeamish about talking about death, and that the silence impoverishes the lives leading up to it.”

All these people share a common belief –¬†¬†Western culture has become too timid and afraid to talk about death and that impoverished the lives of people leading up to it.

So instead they take a more joyful approach to it.

And it has become a movement – the positive death movement.

It consists mainly of women who want to break the taboos surrounding death.

And for these movement members death is something to be celebrated.

Or putting it another way:

Positive Death Movement coming to life.

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