The Quest For Happiness Is Uppermost In Most People’s Minds – How To Become Happy – A Simple Guide

The quest, how to become happy, is one of mankind's constant themes. Poets, philosopher kings, novelists, playwrights and musicians have written about it.

The quest, how to become happy, is one of mankind’s constant themes.

It is evident ever since the dawn of history.

Poets, philosopher kings, novelists , playwrights and musicians all have written about it.

It’s a constant quest – the quest to be happy. So just what does it mean to be happy?

One generally accepted definition is this:

Happiness relates to life satisfaction, appreciation of life, moments of pleasure, but overall it has to do with the positive experience of emotions.

And today the quest to be happy has become a big business, a clear indication that people are searching for it, want it, need it and are willing to big dollars to get it.

And today when we live in a society where alienation and loneliness is a constant for far too many people, the quest to become happy often has a certain air of desperation to it.

For example, Yale – one of the most prestigious universities in the world – offers a course on happiness.

And it is the most popular course ever given by Yale.

So telling that is.

And before your start in your quest for how to become happy remember this – you can literally will yourself to be happy.

So let’s make this simple. Here are seven ways to become happy.

Another simple way to being happy is to do this and do it often.

The quest to become happy has resulted in an annual country happiness index being published.

And we Canadians have taken the seventh spot in the world.

Now that something to be happy about.

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