He Has All But Disappeared – So The Question Being Asked – Where Is Barack Obama?

Where Is Barack Obama?It happens an awful lot in politicsPoliticians get elected and people are excited and happy that they got into power.

Where Is Barack Obama?

It happens an awful lot in politics

Politicians get elected and people are excited and happy that they got into power.

And that feeling of political contentment is more pronounced if the newly elected chosen one follows a political leader that the public had totally grown disenchanted with.

But then gradually things begin to change – people are starting to grow weary of their new political Messiah.

Some of the new policies are not popular, people don’t like them and surely but gradually that sense of disappointment about some policies are transferred to the political leader.

This happens all the time.

And it happened to U.S. president Barack Obama.

He came into power on a major groundswell of political optimism, on a wave of hope that a new type of politics was the order of the day.

But, of course, it never did quite materialize this tsunami-like belief that Obama would be the magic cure for what ails politics.

So gradually the optimism gave way to disenchantment and that eventually transferred to disenchantment about Barack Obama himself.

So when Americans went to the polls the new great white hope was Donald Trump.

He promised to make America great again – a catchy phrase that Americans could relate to.

Instinctively Americans had begun to realize that American wasn’t that great anymore and anyone who promised to make it great again should be given the chance.

But now after more than one year in office Americans are beginning to realize that Trump is doing anything but making America great again.

He has divided the country into two warring camps – the Republicans and the Democrats.

He has pissed off all its major allies.

And the list goes on and on.

And guess what – Americans are beginning to re-evaluate Obama’s political leadership.

Now in many quarter he is seen as an elder statesman, a man who did great things for America, a man who tried to unite Americans.

The list goes on and on.

But Obama has dropped out of the public limelight.

Where is he, what is he doing and why is he not wading into to the debate about Trump’s presidency?

But there are some answers and fascinating insights and answers in Where is Barack Obama?

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