The Trump – Kim Jong Un Summit – A Lot Of News Coverage But It Was A Great Reality Show – All Talk, No Action

The Trump - Kim Jong Un summit: A meeting of two personalities.Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, both accomplished liars.Both narcissistic to the nth. degree.

The Trump – Kim Jong Un summit: A meeting of two personalities.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, both accomplished liars.

Both narcissistic to the nth. degree.

Both with a clear understanding of the value of hype, pomp, ceremony and razzle dazzle.

And both delivered.

The occasion?

The attempt by the Trump administration to get the North Koreans to drop their nuclear program.

And although Kim Jong Un said he would consider getting rid of his nuclear weapons, something the U.S. said prior to the meeting was an essential condition, he never committed to it.

And let’s not forget that the North Koreans have made the same statement that Kim Jung Un did but never followed it up with previous U.S. governments.

And while the world watched the carefully choreographed political reality show in Singapore  in the hope there was substance to all the pomp and ceremony.

But it wasn’t.

But despite Trump’s assertion that a deal was consummated the Trump – Kim Jong Un summit was nothing but all gab and no stab.

Instead, Trump Trump gave Kim Jung Un a major deal and got nothing in return.

Consider this:

Trump and Kim Jong Un met privately for about 45 minutes. They were the only two, aside from the interpreters at that event.

There was no one taking notes so Trump could say anything and there was no one to challenge his version of the talks.

The public statement after the summit by both parties was bland. It was long on aspirations and short on specifics.

And none other than the respected newsmagazine, The Economist, made that point.

It called it bland.

This was in sharp contrast to the American press, although not totally congratulatory,  kept praising Trump over the fact that Trump managed to snag a meeting with the wily, cunning, young North Korean dictator.

And the Economist took it a step further pointing out that from a historical perspective summits never really achieve solid agreement such as the kind Trump claims he got.

So when all was said and done the summit was nothing more than a great photo op.

And on top of that there was a surreal quality to the summit.

Consider latex gloves, a fake movie trailer and beef short rib.

Essentially it added up to this – it was a deal to make a deal.


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