Canada’s Harsh New Political Reality – The Trump Spillover Effect – Ontario Is First, Who Is Next?

the Trump spillover effect.The forces of Donald Trump have made a major inroad into the Canadian political scene.

There is a new political reality in Canada now, the Trump spillover effect.

The forces of Donald Trump have made a major inroad into the Canadian political scene.

The election of Doug Ford as the Progressive Conservative leader of Ontario shows the country is shifting in a new political direction.

And as Canada’s largest and biggest economy; what happened in Ontario could spill over into other provinces come election time.

It is part of a world-wide trend.

A shift to the right.

An electorate that wants a more conservative approach to how its money is being a spent.

An electorate that is fed up with traditional politics.

An electorate that has a narrow centric view. Ontario is first and let’s not worry too much of what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The message to politicians is simple – don’t spend too much of our taxpayers money, cut back on government social programs, stop it with those liberal immigrations policies and take care of Canadians first.

Cut down all those government rules and regulations – they stifle individual initiatives and make people rely far too much on government handouts.

Sol let’s bring Ontario back again to the good old days  – when it was super prosperous and its factories  were humming away 24/7,  not like today when Ontario is the tale of two provinces.

A province where the major urban cities are doing well and many of its rural areas are suffering from a high employment  rate, factories having been shuttered and economic opportunities are few and far between.

All sounds familiar doesn’t it.

The people of Ontario where angy – angry against politicians and so they voted for Ford.

And make no mistake about as was noted in the New York Times prior to the Ontario election that Ford is Canada’s Trump.

And Ford will act quickly to fulfill five campaign promises.

They clearly indicate where he is heading.

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