Theatre Director Claude Giroux Seeks Perfection

Theatre Director Claude Giroux Seeks Perfection

Theatre director Claude Giroux seeks perfection but then gives up.

Sounds like a contradiction?



Giroux, one of Vancouver’s best-known  theatre directors, is demanding and focussed.

But, to quote Shakespeare, there ” is a method to the madness.”

Now what’s what with the seeking perfection and giving up bit?

It’s all about trying to get the best out of his actors.

He is known to rehearse one line over and over and over again.

Over and over again till he feels the actors get it right.

The number of times is irrelevant.

Getting it right is.

And once he feels the actors have got it right, he leaves the script alone.

And there is another thing you should know about Giroux.

He is an anomaly on Vancouver’s theatre scene.

Unlike a lot of other directors in community theatre he has vast experience directing all over the United States and Canada.

In fact, his total directing credits total of more than 200 productions.

For the last four years he has been the artistic director of First Impressions Theatre in Deep Cove in North Vancouver.

Theatre Director Claude Giroux Seeks Perfection

Since joining First Impressions Claude has directed seven productions.

Currently he is in rehearsals for Ring Of Fire.

It is billed as:

“The ultimate celebration of the iconic Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire tells the story of finding love, success, faith and redemption.
Performed by a multi-talented multi instrumental cast featuring some of our finest musical artists, this First Impressions Theatre production includes all of Cash’s classic hits:

“I Walk the Line, A Boy Named Sue, Folsom Prison Blues and many more! Ring of Fire is a powerful tribute to the Man in Black, an endlessly entertaining journey that will leave you cheering for more!”

It starts Thursday, November 15.

Claude is also an avid adaptor of plays.

He has written two recently produced adaptations of,  A Christmas Carol.

Claude has been artistic director of First Impressions Theatre in Deep Cove for four seasons prior to that.

He has been a director throughout the United States and Canada.

In his interview with George Froehlich he talks about:

How he knows when an actor is right for the part.

What is the greatest skill a director needs to have?

Community theatre is facing challenging times.

But  he tries to be creative and innovative by getting the audience involved in that “theatre experience.”

What is so different between theatre and movies?

What skills do great actors have?

And a whole lot more.

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