Tories Immigration Policy Playing Political Football

Tories Immigration Policy

Tories immigration policy is playing political football with Canadians.

And it’s all because of next year’s federal election

But Canadians are supportive of current immigration levels.

And they are confused and worried about asylum seekers.

So the Tories are pouncing on Prime Minister Trudeau over the issue.

Tories Immigration Policy

It’s gaining political steam for the Tories.

Many Canadians believe asylum seekers are exploiting the system to gain entry into Canada.

There also is the fear that security procedures are compromised.

The issue came to a boil in Quebec.

The prime minister was heckled during a public appearance in Quebec.

A woman shouted questions in French at Trudeau.

She asked repeatedly when the federal government would repay Quebec for costs incurred of “illegal immigrants” crossing the U.S.-Canada border.

She belongs to a right-wing-anti-immigration group  –  Storm Alliance

Trudeau responded by accusing her of intolerance and racism.

And those remarks got a response from the Tories.

“Name-calling and attacking are his standard tactics when he is losing a debate on the facts,” Tory Leader Scheer says.

“People who have questions about the border crisis are racists. If they are concerned about the costs, they are un-Canadian. If they oppose the carbon tax, they are deniers.”

But Trudeau would not back down.

Instead he vowed to continue to fighting racism and intolerance.

And now a former RCMP officer has entered into the fray.

Chris Mathers once was assigned to guarding the prime minister’s residence.

He says the woman was a plant designed to embarrass Trudeau.

“There’s no doubt that lady was a plant in there … to try and embarrass the prime minister, because she’s one of these fringy types,” says Mathers.

He adds – PMO security officials routinely monitor intelligence for any potential threats or disturbances at public events.

Here is the full story.

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