Toronto Newspaper Columnist Spreads Lies Hatred

Toronto Newspaper Columnist Spreads Lies Hatred

Toronto newspaper columnist spreads lies hatred based on false TripAdvisor reviews.

Her name is Sue-Ann Levy and she writes for the Toronto Sun, a tabloid newspaper.

Her latest anti-immigrant missive is about the Radisson Hotel in Toronto and many of its refugee Muslim guests.

The Muslim are housed in the hotel, pending getting permanent housing.

In her column Levy gives credence to the claim that¬†asylum-seekers “slaughtered goats” in the hotel bathrooms.

“Radisson Hotel Toronto East can confirm that the claims of goats being slaughtered in the public bathrooms are completely¬†false statements,” spokesperson Laura Langemo told BuzzFeed News.

Toronto Newspaper Columnist Spreads Lies Hatred

Levy used a TripAdvisor posting from an American guest as evidence this was true.

BuzzFeed News also reported the following:

“She wrote that the hotel’s halls were strewn with garbage, its walls were covered in graffiti, and guests were disturbed by the presence of refugees, whom she describes as “loitering” in the lobby despite their living in the building.
“Levy did not quote anyone who stayed at the hotel, or hotel staff, and appears to have relied entirely on reviews found on “the reputable TripAdvisor website,” as she described it.”

Here is the full BuzzFeed News story.

The hotel denies these claims.

Her column was widely reposted on right-wing media outlets.

Toronto Newspaper Columnist Spreads Lies Hatred

The situation has reached the point where TripAdvisor no longer allows reviews of the hotel to be posted on its website.

The hotel has been subject to violent demonstrations by Canadian right-wing groups spouting anti-Muslim slogans.

Levy has a history of posting malicious rumours.

For example, she believes Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Another one was in the deadly attack in Toronto in July.

A child and young woman were killed and 13 injured by Faisal Hussein.

Levy claimed he was a refugee.

That was wrong – he was born in Canada.

One has to wonder why the Toronto Sun allows her to get away with these false diatribes?

They are anything but journalism.

And it’s another case where a malicious right-wing perspective is alive and well in Canada.

And she has the gall to describe herself as an – investigative columnist.

Her website says this about her:

“Openly gay and right-of-centre politically, Sue-Ann Levy is one of the top read Toronto columnists because of her outspoken opinions, take-no-prisoners writing style and the fearless way with which she tackles the elitists in government and in the media.”

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