Trudeau Finally Lecturers Trump

Trudeau Finally Lecturers Trump

Trudeau finally lecturers Trump after putting up with too many of the president’s insults.

Mind you Trudeau is low-key in his approach, unlike Trump’s vicious way.

Trump has been hammering away at Trudeau publicly and privately.

And, in fact, Trump has treated Canada like dirt. 

But Trudeau finally is fighting back.

The first Trudeau jab happened when the government signalled the Prime Minister was not go going to attend the signing of the new trade agreement, formerly NAFTA.

The reason?

The Trump administration is playing games with Canada by not cementing certain provisions in the agreement.

Trudeau Finally Lecturers Trump

The second one was at a war memorial ceremony in France.

Trump cancelled a visit to a French cemetery where thousands of American soldiers are buried.

He skipped it because of rain.

The White House said the rain made it impossible for his helicopter to land nearby.

This is what Trudeau said in a prophetic way a year earlier at a similar ceremony..

“As we sit here in the rain, thinking how uncomfortable we must be these minutes as our suits get wet, and our hair gets wet…it’s all the more fitting that we remember on that day in Dieppe the rain wasn’t rain, it was bullets.”

And that video surfaced quickly on social media given Trump’s cancellation.

So one can be sure that Trump heard about that video.

The next Trudeau jab came when Trudeau said politicians need to work on their social media skills.

This was aimed directly at Trump who uses Twitter to lie, divide the U.S. and further his right-wing ideology.

Trudeau said social media post can “make you angry or make you divided or make you hate your neighbour” — pitting one kind of social media politician against the other.

“If it ends up in a screaming match between one side versus the other side, whoever is better at nasty is going to win,” Trudeau said at a Paris conference on the use of technology by governments.

“If we actually think about it, it’s easier to push someone into being angry — it’s harder to pull them into being positive and earnest and involved.”

Trudeau Finally Lecturers Trump

The next Trudeau jab was on the value of a free press.

Trump consistently attacks the media saying they convey fake news and are the real enemy of the people.

So Trudeau struck back.

Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, he says.

Democracies require a robust free press.

“If a democracy is to function you need an educated populace, and you need to have an informed populace, ready to make judicious decisions about who to grant power to and when to take it away.

“When citizens cannot have rigorous analysis of the exercise of the power that is in their name and they have granted, the rest of the foundation of our democracies start to erode at the same time as cynicism arises.”

And although Trudeau’s comments are low-key they will piss Trump off.

Trump resents any criticism of his behaviour and policies.


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