Trudeau Government Mishandle Veterans

Trudeau government mishandle veterans, a new report says.

Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent says veterans are being given the run around.

His report follows a review of hundreds of injured armed services members seeking government assistance.

He says former veterans are forced to wait months longer than promised.

As a result veterans are frustrated and stressed out.

Canadian veterans are supposed to know within 16 weeks whether they qualify for financial assistance and medical treatment.

This is for injuries sustained when they were on active duty.

But his review notes that those deadline targets were only met for World War II and Korean veterans.

Trudeau Government Mishandle Veterans

For other veterans it took from 23 weeks to 29 weeks.

For 25 per cent of those applicants it took 32 weeks and longer.

And the situation is getting worse, the report notes.

“Women wait longer than men; francophone applicants wait longer than anglophone applicants. Any differences in wait times for decisions should be based on need.”

Also the applicants are kept in the dark about the status of their applications.

“The most common complaint my office hears from veterans: the length of time it takes to get a disability-benefit decision from Veterans Affairs Canada,” says the report.

“The frustration and increased stress that this causes veterans and their families must be eliminated. They deserve to know when a decision can be reasonably expected.”

The government has set aside an additional $42 million to deal with the backlog problem.

“Now is the time to ensure that the planning and resources required to deliver disability benefits, both equitably and in a timely manner, are in place,” the ombudsman’s report says.

Here is the full story.

And the issue of government’s not taking care of disabled veterans goes back for some time.

In 2014 Parent issued a similar report about disabled and injured veterans waiting too long for financial assistance.

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