Trudeau Government Tough New Deportation Policy

Trudeau Government Tough New Deportation Policy

Trudeau government tough new deportation policy comes into effect as election looms.

And the prime minister was forced into taking action.

The reason?

Canadians are now less lenient on immigration than previously.

So the the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is taking a tougher stance on immigrants.

And that means deporting more failed refugee claimants and foreign nationals not welcome in Canada.

Trudeau Government Tough New Deportation Policy

So the agency has a goal of increasing deportations by 35 per cent.

The latest policy has come to light in a CBC news report.

The Trudeau government is well are that its political fortunes in next year’s election depend on how it handles the immigration issue.

So the prime minister has changed government policy to accommodate the electorate.

The changes came after Progressive Party under its leader Andrew Scheer made immigration an issue.

And Scheer’s approach resonated with Canadians.

The CBC report says:

“An email from the director of Canada Border Services Agency’s Enforcement and Intelligence Operations Division, sent Oct. 17 and obtained by CBC News, outlines the plan to ramp up removals to 10,000 people a year.

“Over the last few weeks I have been involved in several discussions both regionally and nationally concerning the Government of Canada’s decision to substantially increase removal efforts including the re-establishment of national and regional targets, a practice many of you may still remember,” Brad Wozny wrote to staff.

But the statistics indicate the CBSA has a lot of work to do.

Less than one per cent of irregular asylum seekers have been deported from Canada.

And that is out of a total number of 28,000.

And only six of 900 irregular asylum seekers are facing deportation to the United States.

Immigration has been a tough issue for the Trudeau government

But the realization has sunk in Ottawa that the immigration has to be dealt with.

If not,  the Liberals might well lose the election next year to the Conservatives.

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