Trump Forces Migrant Children Before Courts

Trump Forces Migrant Children Before Courts

Trump forces migrant children before courts, some as young as two years old.

And it is all part and parcel of his anti-immigration policy.

It works this way.

Trump has decided to keep migrants out of the United States.

And part of that policy means keeping the migrant children away from their parents once they have managed to enter the United States.

This separation policy is designed to keep migrants from entering the United States.

But it is not working.

Migrants are entering the U.S. in ever greater numbers.

He was the one who decided to keep migrant children away from their parents.

And that policy means big bucks for companies keeping these children.

And what is even worse the detention centres where these children are kept often are a haven for sexual predators.

Trump Forces Migrant Children Before Courts

So today thousands and thousands of young children are separated from their parents.

And they have to appears before U.S. courts so it can be decided on what to do with them.

And the impact is dramatic.

“We rarely had children under the age of 6 until the last year or so,” says Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges.

“We started seeing them as a regular presence in our docket.”

“The youngest child to come before the bench in federal immigration courtroom No. 14 was so small she had to be lifted into the chair.

“Even the judge in her black robes breathed a soft “aww” as her latest case perched on the brown leather,”  says the New York Times.

“Her feet stuck out from the seat in small gray sneakers, her legs too short to dangle. Her fists were stuffed under her knees.

“As soon as the case worker who had sat her there turned to go, she let out a whimper that rose to a thin howl, her crumpled face a bursting dam.

“The girl, Fernanda Jacqueline Davila, was 2 years old: brief life, long journey.”

Here is her story.

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