Trump Fury Hits New Heights

Trump Fury Hits New Heights

Trump fury hits new heights, a clear sign the pressure of being president is getting to him.

In the last few days Trump has been in total meltdown stage in the White House.

He is pissed off at everyone.

And lashing out at anyone and everyone.

And he has threatened to clean house by firing people galore.

He is not eating proper meals and is gaining weight.

Reports, quoting White House staffers, note that this is the most vitriolic they have seen him since becoming president.

And these reports make the point that the pressure of governing is getting to him.

Some White House staffers are concerned about his mental stability and health.

Trump Fury Hits New Heights

Of course, Trump has reasons to be pissed off.

The Democrats have taken back control of the house.

And the reason for that is Trump.

Voter turnout during the mid-term elections was the highest in 104 years.

And those voters made it clear they voted so they could vote against Trump.

Trump realizes that the Democrats intend to make him miserable in his presidency.

Already the Democrats have let it be known they will launch all sorts of new investigations.

And those investigations will run the gamut from looking at various Trump policies to getting him to make his tax returns public.

And another craw in Trump’s throat is the Robert Mueller investigation.

All the indications are that the special counsel Mueller is close to finishing his investigation.

And the results of that investigation will drive Trump into a total frenzy of denial.

And also attacking Mueller every way he can.

The attacks against Mueller already have started.

Trump Fury Hits New Heights

Also the negative press coverage Trump received during his trip to France has got him hopping mad.

He would not attend a wreath-laying ceremony for soldiers that died in World War I.

That got him nothing but ridicule and negative press.

And to add insult to injury his wife added to his fury.

She publicly called for the firing of a senior adviser in the office of the National Security Agency.

And that forced Trump to fire her.

Even though he did not want to.

And make no mistake about it – Trump is vicious, mean-spirited and callous towards everyone.

Even towards children.

In the meantime, expect his erratic, sullenĀ and over-the-top comments and behaviour to continue.

In fact, it will get worse not better.

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