Trump Noose Getting Tighter

Trump Noose Getting Tighter

Trump noose getting tighter as more shocking legal revelations about him come to light.

And those revelations have serious legal implications for Trump.

To the point where he eventually might end up in jail.

But that would only happen after he left office.

And he is worried and pissed off.

He confided in friends that impeachment is a possibility.

And he should worry.

Five of his closest confidante’s have been found guilty after being charged and pleading guilty to various criminal offences.

And that puts Trump in legal jeopardy.

He claimed not to have been part of the various schemes these convicted felons engaged in.

But it now is clear he was part of many of them.

And in some instances directed them.

Trump Noose Getting Tighter

One was a payment for sexual services paid to an adult film star Stormy Daniels.

A month before the 2016 November presidential election Daniels was paid $130,000 (U.S.).

The payment was made to stop her from talking about an affair she had with Trump in 2006.

Trump denied it.

And so did his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

But now the evidence is in.

And it is abundantly clear that Trump directed Cohen to make the payment.

That is illegal under U.S. federal election laws.

Cohen spilled the beans about Trump to special counsel Robert Mueller.

And because Cohen lied to Mueller and his team about the payment and other illegal activities he was sentenced to a three-year jail term.

Mueller is tasked with whether there was collusion between Russia and Trump’s election campaign to get Trump elected.

Trump Noose Getting Tighter

So now criminal activities and convictions have engulfed Trump.

But he denies he has done anything wrong.

And these are the people who have pled guilty to various illegal activities involving Trump.

Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer.

Paul Manafort, his former election campaign manager.

Rick Gates, a former business associate of Manafort’s and campaign adviser.

George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser.

And David Pecker also is co-operating with Mueller.

Pecker is the publisher of a trashy gossipy tabloid, the National Enquirer.

Pecker and Trump were friends.

And he made sure no negative Trump stories ever appeared in the tabloid.

Instead it constantly glorified Trump.

The tabloid was privy  to the deal of paying Daniels.

And not to publish anything about the affair.

But Pecker turned Trump in to Mueller.

Trump Noose Getting Tighter

And there are more serious legal issues facing Trump.

The incoming attorney-general for New York also announced she would be launching wide-ranging investigations of Trump and his family.

Letitia James says she plans to thoroughly investigate the business dealings of President Donald Trump and his family when she takes office next month.

“We want to investigate anyone in his orbit who has, in fact, violated the law.”

And now even some Republicans are turning on Trump.

This is unheard off.

Fourteen Senate Republicans voted to end U.S. aid for the bloody war in Yemen.

This is a rare rebuke to Trump.

The reason?

The senators are mad because Trump provided misleading intelligence to them about the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

And one thing is clear now.

Trump’s Mafiosa style is catching up with him.

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