Trump’s New Policy Of No Longer Keeping Migrant Children From Their Parents Is A Nightmare, The Kids Are Still Subject To Horrible Practices But He Says It’s Phony

Donald Trump is the ultimate liar. His no longer keeping migrant children from their parents is a nightmare.

Donald Trump is the ultimate liar and one of the most accomplished flim-flam men in history. His no longer keeping migrant children from their parents is a nightmare.

His latest caper is living proof.

He was the one who decided to keep migrant children away from their parents.

And he and his fellow Republican mouthpieces perpetuated the lie that it was the law.

And the law said children and their parents could not stay together.

And his Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both even invoked the bible claiming it said that the laws of the country must be enforced.

What a crock that was.

And then on Tuesday Trump went on a rant telling Americans that he felt sorry for the kids but in the same breath referred to immigrants as vermins.

And he vowed to enforce the law – allowing to keep kids separated from their parents.

But, suddenly, on Wednesday he caved in having no choice about the political heat he was feeling about his policy. The anti-policy movement had become a giant tsunami and included some of his staunchest supporters aside from the general public which was opposed to his decision by 75 per cent .

And he says the agony and trauma these kids are experiencing is phony.

And decided to try to convince the public that he had not caved in, but rather had moved forward by signing an executive order whereby children no longer would be separated from their parents.

It was a fake and feeble attempt.

And in so doing he left on big ugly mess and the hideous practices towards these children continue.

The kids are beingĀ  drugged to keep them even-tempered.

As well they are being transported to various institutions in the middle of the night, away from the eyes of the public and the media.

As well Trump has no plans to re-unite the families and kids without their parents has devastating consequences for these children with experts calling it child abuse.

So this sordid tragedy will continue to get worse, not better.

And despite that the ultimate liar says he cares about the migrant children.

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