Trump’s Onerous Tariffs On Canadian Goods Are Costing Taxpayers $2 Billion And Prices For A Lot Goods Will Go Up

Thanks to Donald Trump Canadians will have to shoulder an onerous economic burden.Trump imposed tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium imports.

Thanks to Donald Trump Canadians will have to shoulder an onerous economic burden.

Trump imposed tariffs on Canadian steel imports totaling 25-per cent and on aluminum  10 per cent.

And he has threatened to impose an additional 25 per cent on cars and parts on cars, which would jack up car prices tremendously.

Here is an example.

A $32,000 car — that’s an average price here — would immediately jump to $40,000.

And that has forced the Trudeau government to fund a $2 billion aid package for Canada’s steel and aluminum companies.

Trump the liar previously told Trudeau Canada would not have to worry about trade tariffs but then in a fit when he did not like the way the NAFTA talks were going he imposed them anyways.

And in retaliation – in a tit for tat  situation – Canada imposed its own tariffs on America.

And they are designed to hurt Trump where a lot of voters are.

But these trade wars are not good for anyone.

The Americans will be hurt.

And so will Canadians and the consequences for Canada could be really bad.

In fact it could mean Canada will enter a recession. 

And the trade tariffs will hit all of us in the pocket-book.

And it will be wide-ranging. 

And the worst part is that it will the poor the most.

Trying to make sense of it all is difficult.

There are a lot of opinions out there.

Some are better than others.

But there are basic facts that will help you understand this whole mess.

These are nine things you need to know.

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