Trump’s Policy Allows Plastic Printer Guns To Be Made By Anyone

Trump's Policy Allows Plastic Printer Guns

Trump ‘s new policy allows people to download printer files.

This allows you to make your own plastic working gun.

All you need to do is go a website – Liberator – to download the design file.

A court just issued a TEMPORARY restraining order preventing the downloading of blueprints for plastic guns.

These plastic guns  would be untraceable and one could even go through airport security checks without them being detected.

All you need is a $200 3-D printer and you’re away at the races.

The process is so simple that it has been described as easy as downloading a song from iTunes or Spotify.

This would pave the way for durable, repeat-use guns to be designed, printed and shot.

And already thousands and thousands of Americans have downloaded such files.

But that pales to the one million Americans who downloaded printing instructions for these plastic guns before they were banned in 2013.

But eight U.S. governors have gone to court trying to shut down the Liberator website.

And Trump realizing he has a serious problem tweeted this:

“I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!”

Now Trump seems to be suggesting that he will work to stop the mess his administration helped make.

And it was his justice department that allowed the Liberator website to open for business.

But even if the lawsuits are successful how do you recall or prevent files that already have been downloaded from being used by criminals and other unsavoury characters?

.Here is how the process works of making a gun from a printer.

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