Vancouver Comedy Troupe Skewers Christmas

Vancouver comedy troupe skewers Christmas
Jullian Kolstee – a few lines but the most memorable.
Jullian Kolstee – a memorable performance

Vancouver comedy troupe skewers Christmas in Merry Kiss-mas.

It was a night of great improv comedy.

For 90 minutes the audience giggled and howled.

Improv comedy requires two great skills from the actors  –  really listening and and then responding.

Either an actor says something and the other actor responds.

Or the audience says something specific at the behest of one of the actors and then the actors respond.

It’s spur of the moment humour.

And that is an art form.

Improv humour is not from a script.

But rather – it is irony.

The irony of a situation within a familiar context.

And that is why Christmas is the perfect foil for improv.

And the comedic plattform are all those sappy, nostalgia-ridden bromide Christmas movies.

The perfect situation for great improv.

And the actors from Vancouver TheatreSports went on a ‘spur of the moment’ comedic adventure that took four well-known Christmas movies as a starting point for their pointed and trenchant comedic barbs.

And in their endeavours they were ably assisted by the sold-out crowd at Vancouver TheatreSports,  Vancouver’s best-known venue for improv comedy.

Vancouver Comedy Troupe Skewers Christmas

But as so often happens in movies or theatre there was one actor that stood out.

He played a minor role.

But his lines, delivery and demeanour in one skit were priceless.

Delivered in a memorable style that made you giggle.

He walks into the massage therapist’s office three different times and that’s when he says,    “four o’clock” twice and “six o’clock” once.

And the way he says it, his body language, are those of an everyday schmuck just wanting a massage.

No small talk for him.

It’s all business for him.

And that’s the brilliance of it all.

We can relate and he made us relate.

Relate to those situations we all face in life.


And say to yourself – he is really good.

His name – Jullian Kolstee.

And speaking of  brilliant.

An audience member that played a large role in the skit with Kolstee was naturally funny and impressive.

Courtney, a massage therapist by trade, had volunteered to become part of the show for the last skit.

She was funny, charming coy, and witty in her repartee and demeanour.

Merry Kiss-mas can be seen at VancouverTheatreSports, a well-known improv comedy venue.

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