Vancouver’s Plastic-Free, Zero Waste Grocery Store – Blazing New Trails

Vancouver's Plastic-Free, Zero Waste Grocery Store
Vancouver’s Plastic-Free, Zero Waste Grocery Store:
Vancouver's Plastic-Free, Zero Waste Grocery Store
Plastic today is the scourge of the earth.
But finally the world is awakening to the fact that something has to be done.
And it is. 
But in order to succeed you need trailblazers.
These trailblazers get it done, they act as role models for other to follow.
And others do.
And every industry has its own trailblazers.
Take grocery shopping.
It is an industry with lots and lots of plastic.
Most of the products are wrapped in plastic.
And when you leave all your groceries are in plastic bags.
And that has to change.
Every industry needs trailblazers to get things done properly.
Enter Vancouver grocery store – Nada.
It is one of the few grocery stores in the world that is plastic free, zero waste grocery store.
It is the brainchild of Brianne Miller, a marine biologist by profession.
In that job she saw the impact of plastic on our environment and how much the world was using.
So she decided to become an entrepreneur and opened up Nda, Vancouver’s Plastic-Free, Zero Waste Grocery Store.
But Nada is not the first store of its kind.
There is one in Berlin, Germany.
It bills itself as the “first supermarket in the world dedicated to the zero-waste lifestyle.”

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