Shades Of James Bond – Vladimir Putin Gets Punked – Journalist Murder Foiled

Vladimir Putin gets punked: This is surreal. It doesn't get any better than this. It has a James Bond tinge to it. But it is real.

Vladimir Putin gets punked: This is surreal.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

It has a James Bond tinge to it.

But it is real.

Journalist gets killed but then he  doesn’t.

International intrigue galore.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is precise, cold-blooded and efficient.

When he finds Soviet dissidents and journalists are too tough on his regime he has them killed.

Every time you read or hear about a prominent Russian dying  under mysterious circumstances you can be sure it was the Soviet Secret police that assassinated the person.

The latest attempt was when the Russians attempted to poison a well-known former Soviet spy and his daughter in England, where he is living in exile and she came to pay him a visit from Russia.

But, lo behold, to everyone’s surprise they survived.

The latest attempt, earlier this week, involved a well-known Russian journalist,  Arkady Babchenko, who had fled to the Ukraine, fearing for his life in Russia.

Babchenko, a former war correspondent has been living in exile in the Ukraine since 2017.  after receiving death threats because he criticised  Russia’s military interventions in the Ukraine and Syria.

So on Monday it was reported that once again that another prominent journalist had been killed.

Vladimir Putin gets punked how? On Wednesday Babchenko returned from the grave – to the surprise of the world.

Th Ukrainian secret service concocted a scheme knowing that the Russians were planning to kill Babchenko by paying the man who was supposed to assassinate him $40,000.

And they staged Babchenko’s death with blood to make it look real.

Even his wife believed he was dead.

But then the Ukrainians revealed it was an elaborate hoax that made Putin furious.

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