What To Eat To Live To 100 Years

What To Eat to Live To 100 Years

What to eat to live to 100 years and how people all over the world are doing it.

And this is not a myth or some fancy new  diet.

It is based on solid research and observations.

For 10 years people all over the world were monitored to see what food they ate.

The research was undertaken by Dan Buettner.

And he and a team of researchers from the National Geographic Society honed in on five locations in the world.

But the people monitored had to meet several requirements.

They had to be 100 years old or older.

And they had to have exceptionally low rates of major diseases.

These were cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

And what the researchers discovered was pretty amazing.

And, yet so simple.

It was the food you eat that provides longevity and good health.

So Buettner decided to write a book about it.

He called it the Blue Zones Solution.

It became a best seller on the New York Times book list.

Want to understand what the Blue Zones Solution is all about?

What To Eat To Live To 100 Years

There is a short video for that.

All of 90 seconds.

The book primarily focuses on food.

“…food may be the best starting point for anyone seeking to emulate the health, longevity, and well-being found in the world’s Blue Zones, he says.

” But a significant portion of the book is also devoted to other healthy lifestyle habits commonly found in Blue Zones locations.”

And here are excerpts from the book on what to eat and what to avoid.

They are contained in an on-line publishing platform magazine called Medium.

What To Eat To Live To 100 Years

The best-of-the-best longevity foods are (Include at least 3 of these daily):

Beans (black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, lentils)
Greens (spinach, kale, chards, beet tops, fennel tops, collards)
Sweet Potatoes
Nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews)
Olive Oil (green, extra-virgin is best)
Oats (slow-cook or Irish steel-cut are best)
Fruits (all kinds)
Green or Herbal teas
Turmeric (spice or tea)

Foods to Avoid (other than a special treat):

Sugary beverages (sodas, boxed juices)
Salty snacks (chips, crackers)
Processed Meats (sausages, salami, bacon, lunch meats)
Packaged sweets (cookies, candy bars)

And there is a whole lot more.

For more details check out this story.

And if the book intrigues you can buy it on Amazon, they have the best price.

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