Why Restaurants Are So Loud

Why Restaurants Are So Loud

Why restaurants are so loud is something we all often wonder about.

You go out for dinner and lunch for a great meal and great conversation.

But once you have settled in the realization hits you.

The restaurant is really noisy.

Music is blaring everywhere.

And then to add insult to injury – there is all this noise coming from everywhere.

It is the noise of people talking loudly, televisions blaring and pots and pans clanging in the kitchen.

What gives?

Why is it so noisy?

Often it gets so bad you can’t what hear people at your table are saying.

Why Restaurants Are So Loud

Does this sound familiar?

“I can’t hear you, say that again.”

“Sorry, but I didn’t hear you.”

“This place is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.”

So before we find out why restaurants are so loud let’s consider these facts.

Noise levels above 85 decibels are harmful to people.

The noise from a freeway, an alarm clock and a sewing machine run around 70 decibels.

But some restaurants go from 80 decibels to a high of 90.

And here is the kicker.

Why Restaurants Are So Loud

Loud restaurants are the top complaint among diners.

This is ahead of service, crowds or problems with the food.

So despite that why are restaurants so noisy.

The answers are pretty simple.

Loud restaurants attract customers.

Customers think they are lively, with it and happening places.

And when people go out to eat they want to have fun.

And to a place that has a lot of energy.

Loud noise suggest all of that.

But there is more.

Loud music in a restaurant makes people drink more and eat faster.

And when you eat and drink faster you leave the restaurant sooner.

And that means the restaurant turns over the tables faster.

That adds up to more sales.

And last but not least is restaurant design.

Modern design trends amplify noise.

Carpets, tablecloths and soft ceilings are gone.

And without those, sound is not absorbed.

Instead it can bounce around.

And directly hit our ears.

So that is why you hear the sound of scraping chairs, clinking cutlery, clanging pans and fellow diners.

And keep this in mind today’s restaurants are designed for looks, rather than comfort.

But now customers are fighting back.

They are seeking out restaurants that are not loud.

And there is an app for that.


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