Why Two Million Canadian Couples Live Apart

Why Two Million Canadian Couples Live Apart

Why Two million Canadian couples live apart and the answers will surprise you.

And it’s a relatively new trend.

And these couples are in a committed relationship – living in different homes in the same city or a different one.

This trend is a relatively new one – given that the statistics are from the 2011 General Social Survey.

The demographics are fascinating,

The majority of these  couples stood at 31 per cent, ages 20 to 24.

And 17 per cent were in the age in the 25 to 29 age bracket.

The major reasons for living apart were – work or school arrangements of financial constraints preventing them from moving out of their respective family homes.

Only 30 per cent saw themselves as living together, compared with younger couples where it was 80 per cent.

“We often have these romantic love ideologies that unfold in our heads and that assume exclusivity in a relationship that’s heterosexual and in which two people live under the same roof,” Barbara Mitchell, professor of sociology and gerontology told Global News.

“The standard North American family model dictates that it has to be a certain way in terms of structure and living arrangement, and when we see things deviate, we naturally assume those things can’t work.”

Why Two Million Canadian Couples Live Apart

But these latest statistics indicate that being committed in a relationship can mean different things to different people.

The standard model – marriage between two people is changing.

And that is why today there are a myriad of relationship.

For the most part they are accepted.

Even when it comes to relationship that involve once sexual taboos.

Today the almost accepted norm is this – if this if what you want go for it.

And this will continue to change and evolve.

The key to any relationship is to realize that it is under constant change.

As society changes so do relationships.

And those relationship do take many varied and different forms.

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