Will China’s Digital State And Robot Police Come To Canada? The Answer – We Already Have Elements

Will Robot Police Come To Canada? But Big Brother is here already. In China Big Brother is alive and well. What happens in China is downright scary.

Will Robot Police Come To Canada? Not yet, but big Brother is here already.

And in China Big Brother is alive and well.

And what happens in China is downright scary. It is a foreshadowing of things to come everywhere.

The Chinese government just starting using police robots.

Here is a description of what the police robots do.

“At Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, stun gun-wielding robots patrol crowds of tourists. While the robots negotiate their own path along designated routes, the stun guns are activated by an officer controlling the bot remotely. In Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s central Henan Province, similar police robots that look like armless Daleks roam the high-speed train station. They use facial-recognition software to help officers identify suspects, interact with customers and answer their questions.”

And these robots can be used for a lot of other things such as controlling unruly crowds.

And their use has some people worried.

But not only do the Chinese have police robots.

They have the whole country under watch through all sorts of technologies, and China is the only country in the world that is so far advanced by integrating all systems under the umbrella of Big Brother is watching you.

And that makes China a digital police state.

So what about Canada and North America? Will Robot Police Come To Canada?

Can the same thing happen here?

In the U.S. police forces are using a facial recognition system with all sorts of personal data stored on it.

And in Canada airports are using facial recognition.

And there is more.

At this point police forces already use a vast amount of cameras. Our driving records are all stored in a central place. Police keep track of criminals by digital means. Our medical records are all stored digitally. And then there are our credit score, our credit card and bank histories. And our tax information.

All that needs to happen is that all this information will be linked or placed on one single data base.

So technically it is all feasible.

And that means it is only a matter of time.

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