Winter Forecast From Old Farmer’s Almanac

Winter Forecast From Old Farmer's Almanac

Winter forecast from old farmer’s almanac is out now.

And it gives us a sneak peek for what kind of winter we can expect.

In broad general terms the almanac predicts the following winter for Canada.

“One Part Snowy, One Part Warm & Dry, and One Part Wild.”

And the forecast promises one more thing – all of Canada will get snow this winter.

Want to know more about your winter weather?

Check out the forecast for your neck of the woods.

The almanac is best known for its long-range weather forecasts.

It has been published continuously since 1792.

And that makes it the oldest published periodical in North America.

A Canadian version started 37 years ago.

But the almanac is more than just about the weather.

It offers hundreds of pages on folklore, food recipes,humour, folklore and contests.

You can find it all on their website.

As well the almanac offers a free newsletter you can subscribe to.

Winter Forecast From Old Farmer’s Almanac

In an interview with the CBC,¬† the almanac’s Managing Editor Jack Burnett¬† says its weather prediction methods are “totally top-secret.”

But he admits it takes three different factors into account.

“Meteorology (the science of atmospheric conditions), climatology (the general weather patterns of a region over a number of years) and solar science.”

The almanac staff uses a series of computer algorithms containing 20,000 different pieces of data to arrive at its weather forecasts.

And he adds that the almanac’s weather forecasts have been 80 per cent accurate over the years.

But predicting the weather is becoming more complicated.

The reason?

Climate change is producing a lot of different weather variations.

And they make the job so much harder for the weather forecasters at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

And Burnett’s observations have been borne out by reality.

The world in 2018 experienced the hottest heat wave ever due to climate change.

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