Wood Buffalo National Park Risks Losing World Heritage Status – Why Is Ottawa Doing Nothing?

Wood Buffalo national park risks losing World Heritage Status:It is the second-largest park in the world.And the largest in Canada.

Wood Buffalo national park risks losing World Heritage Status:

Pristine, majestic, one of Mother Nature’s wonders.

It is the world’s second-largest park in the world.

And the largest in Canada.

But slowly and surely this magnificent nature wonderland is being destroyed.


It is under threat from climate change, oil and gas development and hydroelectric projects, according to a  report from the federal government.

The park, which straddles Alberta and the Northwest Territories, was placed on the endangered list by UNESCO (an arm of the United Nations) in 2017.

And the Canadian government was given one year to come up with a plan to stem the rapid decline of the park.

The UN body warned that inaction would “constitute a case for recommending inscription of Wood Buffalo national park on the List of World Heritage in Danger”.

And the federal government this week responded by saying the problems are getting worse.

“Desired outcomes for the world heritage values are not being met.”

But there was no explanation as to why.

And that is disgusting to say the least.

The park has long been home to indigenous people – the Cree and the Dene.

And they warned Ottawa of all the problems that were developing in the park.

But their warnings were ignored.

Now Wood Buffalo national park risks losing World Heritage Status

Today indigenous people no longer drink the fresh water from lakes or streams over fears of contamination and have reported that wild fish and game have developed abnormal flavours and deformities, said Melody Lepine, director of government and industry relations for the Mikisew Cree First Nation.

The park is a critical habitat for the largest free-roaming buffalo population in the world.

As well it’s the only untouched breeding ground for whooping cranes.

But despite that Ottawa has done little to address the dire straits of the park.

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