Worldwide Revolt Against Plastic

Worldwide Revolt Against Plastic

Worldwide revolt against plastic is well underway.


No one can really explain the why.

All that is known is this  – it happened quickly and furiously.

And this after it has become deeply embedded in our daily lives.

And there is evidence to back that up.

The Guardian of London has this to say about it.

“Plastic is everywhere, and suddenly we have decided that is a very bad thing.

“Until recently, plastic enjoyed a sort of anonymity in ubiquity: we were so thoroughly surrounded that we hardly noticed it.

“You might be surprised to learn, for instance, that today’s cars and planes are, by volume, about 50 per cent plastic.

“More clothing is made out of polyester and nylon, both plastics, than cotton or wool.

“Plastic is also used in minute quantities as an adhesive to seal the vast majority of the billion  teabags used in Britain each year.”

Worldwide Revolt Against Plastic

But now the world is revolting against plastic.

The reason?

There is a realization and understanding.

That plastic has become a scourge.

For example, 40 per cent of it is only used once.

We are drowning in it.

And the biggest plastic scourge is using plastic just once.

At least 18 billion pounds of plastic waste makes its way into the world’s oceans from coastal regions.

Half of the world’s plastic is made in Asia.

And the biggest problem is that all this plastic will not disintegrate for at least 450 years

The realization that plastic is everywhere.

We use it for everyday things.

And it is quite useful and it is cheap.

But in the final analysis we have no choice.

Plastic is choking our oceans.

Killing our fish.

The plastic scourge is terrible for the world we live in.

And despite the grim news there also is the realization that something can be done about it.

And finally government’s and companies are doing their bit.

They are taking the plastic scourge seriously.

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